Scheckter’s Raw

Yet again sometime has passed since my last post but that is only because I have been on a very strict cleanse and watching what and where I eat.

Last week Sunday was too beautiful not to make the most of the day so I was happy when I found out about Scheckter’s Raw, a gourmet health food restaurant situated in Regent street, Seapoint.

Scheckter’s is a vegan and vegetarian cafe serving the healthiest tastiest meals but also freshly squeezed and natural organic juices and smoothies. Their menu covers a variety, whether breakfast or lunch or even just a snack.


It was lunch time and I was famished by the time we arrived at the Scheckter’s Raw. It is situated on the corner and welcomes you in with a fresh look with their wooden furniture, smiling staff and plants on the side.


I sat down while deciding what I wanted as take away. It took me a while to order as too many items on the menu were tantalizing my taste buds. Eventually I opted for the Lentil Gluten Free wrap.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical not knowing how it was going to taste especially because I ordered the gluten free wrap. Opening the brown bag packaging on the beach I was welcomed to a brown fluffy wrap filled with lentils and served with a small side salad.  I was pleasantly surprised when I took my 1st bite… it tasted absolutely delicious. It was the best feeling: clean ocean air, perfect company and my tummy smiling from the inside out. Before I knew it my food was all gone. It was just too good not to indulge all at once.


Scheckter’s Raw I will certainly be back to try your breakfast and organic beverages.

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La Belle Bistro & Bakery

It’s been just over two months since my last post which is inexcusable but there is a valid reason for the most part.

Since my amazing Asia sibling vacation I had an operation on my right hand, my dominant hand which meant for nearly one month I was unable to do normal things. The rest of the time was playing catch up on life itself.

Nonetheless, I am back to wet your appetites with my food experiences.

There is no better way to get back into the swing of things than a post about a delicious breakfast with a girlfriend. The venue was the recently opened La Belle in Mouille Point

This laid back spot right next to Pepenero caught my attention one evening after hours when I peeked through their window and found myself quite curious as their front confectionery area caught my eye with their décor alone. This morning I decided to answer my curiosity.

La Belle

The air was chilly this morning in Mouille Point but walking into La Belle we were instantly warmed with the atmosphere, décor and delicious aromas. I loved the warm feeling I felt as we were escorted to our table nestled at the back. There was something special about the dark wooden furniture, unfinished walls, and an array of clocks mounted on the walls.

After being seated our waiter introduced himself and timeously presented us with their ‘newspaper’ style menus. They are strict that only breakfast items can be ordered till 11.30 am but alas this was no problem for us foodies.


I ordered the salmon eggs benedict with eggs done medium. My girlfriend ordered the 2 cheese omelet which is served with a choice of 4 breads. She opted for ciabatta. The presentation of both dishes was simple topped with rocket leaves for a bit of colour.

I was very happy with my choice of medium eggs as the consistency was perfect. The hollandaise sauce which is not something everyone can master was delicious. I was surprised how quickly I finished my meal which is testament to how good it was. Compliments to the chef!

La Belle I will without a doubt be back. I need to try your sweet goodies and the lunch menu looked too good to miss.

Eggs Benedict