Nooka Café

Last night’s food journey was all about the Sabich (pronounced “sabitch”), car parker, spokesman and decoration. This means a night of being chauffeured with my cousins and niece. Our destination for the evening was a vegetarian taste of the Middle East found in the heart of the CBD.

Nooka Café welcomed us with friendly staff. In true café style, it is intimate but comfy with enough seating, a clean, natural ‘artsy’ kind of decor. Their menu option ranges from all day breakfast, main meals, salads and light snacks. They also offer fresh juices, smoothies and for the health conscious, health drinks. I decided to try the Refresh which is made with coconut milk, pineapple, banana and honey. They were kind enough to omit banana for me. This health drink is indeed true to its name, it was very refreshing with the pineapple flavour dominating.

Before ordering our mains we decided we wanted to nibble on something first and opted for the Nooka Cheese Balls. These were mushrooms topped with cheese balls (you could taste the variety of cheeses used). The cheese balls were served with the best tasting garlic aioli dressing I have ever had. I had the Sabich on a Plate; roasted eggplant base, topped with layers of Nooka tomato salsa, sliced baked potato, sliced boiled eggs with Tahinni dressing and served with sweet potato crisps. The best meal was my nieces, she ordered the Falafel Sandwich which was made out of lentil falafel balls.  The food was well presented on wooden boards but more than that it tasted fresh and delicious. Being a fan of sweet potato I was impressed that most of their dishes are served with sweet potato crisps.

I love that Nooka Café has a very comfortable and informal atmosphere suitable for a meal or a snack. I will definitely go back to try their salads and homemade humus.

Nooka is perfect for those night owls with hunger cravings as they close at midnight from Monday till Saturday (open from 8am). They are also very reasonably priced. Go check them out!

All the best Nooka Café!




One thought on “Nooka Café

  1. Greg

    As a CBD fan I cant believe I missed this little gem. I’ve never eaten there but will sure as eggs add it to my upcoming tasty stops. Thanks again for the awesome post.. Looking forward to your next adventure.


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