La Belle Bistro & Bakery

It’s been just over two months since my last post which is inexcusable but there is a valid reason for the most part.

Since my amazing Asia sibling vacation I had an operation on my right hand, my dominant hand which meant for nearly one month I was unable to do normal things. The rest of the time was playing catch up on life itself.

Nonetheless, I am back to wet your appetites with my food experiences.

There is no better way to get back into the swing of things than a post about a delicious breakfast with a girlfriend. The venue was the recently opened La Belle in Mouille Point

This laid back spot right next to Pepenero caught my attention one evening after hours when I peeked through their window and found myself quite curious as their front confectionery area caught my eye with their décor alone. This morning I decided to answer my curiosity.

La Belle

The air was chilly this morning in Mouille Point but walking into La Belle we were instantly warmed with the atmosphere, décor and delicious aromas. I loved the warm feeling I felt as we were escorted to our table nestled at the back. There was something special about the dark wooden furniture, unfinished walls, and an array of clocks mounted on the walls.

After being seated our waiter introduced himself and timeously presented us with their ‘newspaper’ style menus. They are strict that only breakfast items can be ordered till 11.30 am but alas this was no problem for us foodies.


I ordered the salmon eggs benedict with eggs done medium. My girlfriend ordered the 2 cheese omelet which is served with a choice of 4 breads. She opted for ciabatta. The presentation of both dishes was simple topped with rocket leaves for a bit of colour.

I was very happy with my choice of medium eggs as the consistency was perfect. The hollandaise sauce which is not something everyone can master was delicious. I was surprised how quickly I finished my meal which is testament to how good it was. Compliments to the chef!

La Belle I will without a doubt be back. I need to try your sweet goodies and the lunch menu looked too good to miss.

Eggs Benedict

Four & Twenty Cafe and Pantry

After a good Sunday morning workout session in Maynardville Park we felt ravenous! My friend and I chose the perfect breakfast place that made us feel like we were entering a French sidewalk cafe. As it was my 1st time at Four & Twenty, I did not know what to expect about the food nor the place itself.


Who would have thought this quaint cafe situated in Wolfe Street, Wynberg, and yes Wynberg in a very pretty road alongside the park would be that popular. Upon our entrance we were informed that there is a waiting list and a table should become available within thirty to forty minutes. We politely agreed to wait as the ambiance of the place sucked us in. Asking to use the ladies room while we wait gave me the perfect opportunity to explore. Four & Twenty is a classical house that was transformed into this delicious smelling cafe with a combination of vintage and quirky decor. Walking past the toilets which were themed I stumbled across an intimate courtyard away from the hustle in the main cafe. We then realised why it was called a pantry as we came across a well situated wall packed with local produce and artisanal goods for sale. This brought us back to the front of the cafe where the hostess informed us that they have a table ready. It was definitely our lucky morning because this was less than ten minutes from the time we arrived. Walking to our seats in the front diner style counter which faced the road and looked right into Maynardville Park, we made ourselves comfortable and I immediately noticed some more quirkiness with the lighting which was individually placed in those old school rice strainers.

After settling in and receiving our well deserved caffeine consumption for the day, we started chatting away like females do only to have a laughing fit due to a flying heart (the miniature piece of confectionery art placed on a teaspoon). After containing ourselves and relieved that it didn’t fly into someone’s food or hair we started browsing through the menu which has a picture of “Sing a Song for Six Pence” on the front cover. I felt this picture was a perfect choice as the menu simply sings to you with the host of options ranging from breakfasts, lunch, light meals and unique savouries and sweet delights ( for my Muslim community please note that the cafe is not halal, but there are a host of choices). It was evident that the owners spent a lot of time not only on the place itself but the food too. It was extremely difficult making a decision, I decided to opt for something different and ordered the Eggs Be- Lean, two free-ranged poached eggs on an aubergine, mushroom and truffle rosti with confit baby tomatoes and light yoghurt hollandaise. Wow, reading exactly what I ordered is a mouthful in itself that only cost me R80. While waiting for our food, I looked around and found myself eyeing their confectionery counter with a feeling of ‘love in my tummy’. The hunger pains started building and then our food arrived which was served like a plate of art. Every bite of my eggs felt like a gastronomic experience. The combination of poached eggs, mushrooms, aubergine and yoghurt hollandaise complemented each other so well my palette felt like it was celebrating. One thing is for sure from Four & Twenty and that is Love…. the love for good food!

I was impressed to find out that my first impression as a French sidewalk cafe was accurate as the owners, two friends; both trained Grande Diploma Cordon Bleus chefs manifested their dream of Four & Twenty at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Well done ladies, your dream has evolved into a masterpiece!

I cannot wait to go back to try the Plum Frangipane Flapjacks.

Next time I will be making a booking and requesting the courtyard seating. Till then, keep sharing your love Four&Twenty!