Salted Caramel & Peanut Cheesecake

Thought I would start my 1st post  in my restaurant diary with my dessert experience at the Vineyard Hotel & Spa (

I had the salted caramel & peanut cheesecake with citrus mocha cream. Wow, this the most delectable dessert I have had for a while. It is like  a party in your mouth with the culmination of tastes. I went with the intention of satisfying my creme brulee craving but could not see myself finishing a full portion so I settled for the half portion cheesecake. Half portion is just not enough for this slice of heaven.

Sitting all by my lonesome in the lounge area of the Vineyard Hotel unwinding after a busy day I found myself savouring every spoonful in slow motion. The cheesecake itself was perfection, the citrus mocha cream complemented the caramel and peanut flavours so well. I went as far as using the strawberry garnish and dunking it in the citrus cream. For the R45 half portion ( R78 full portion) you definately getting your money’s worth.

Compliments to the pastry chef !

salted caramel & peanut cheesecake



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